Finish Line Speed Shop's Charitable Masterpiece: The ALS Awareness MC-10 Square-Body Truck

Finish Line Speed Shop Builds to Give Back You could make the argument that all of us should give back to our communities, even if […]


There’s a long lineage of Chevy trucks, but this is the one that made them cool TAKE A MOMENT AND THINK ABOUT AN OLD CHEVY […]
Black 1967 Chevy C10

PIECE BY PIECE | 1967 C-10

Sometimes the Best Dishes Take a Little Bit Longer to Simmer Mike Blackwelder is not new to the scene. He’s spent most of his adult […]

2014 GMC Sierra with 2016 Cadillac Escalade Front Clip!

The Second Time is Always Better Keep it or sell it? It’s the big question once you’ve built a truck, and it’s not an easy […]

LUCKY! | 1968 Short-Bed Chevy C-10

A ’68 With a Junkyard Past  Today in 2018, if you want to buy a 1967-72 Chevrolet short-bed pickup, be prepared to spend upwards of […]

Team Billet ’02 Silverado Named "En El Suelo"

A Truck That’s More Than Just a Literal Translation AROUND 17 YEARS AGO, SANTIAGO TORRES JR. of Minco, Oklahoma, was 16 years old and working […]

Hubcaps Hotrods and Custom

Where the Professionals Get Their Trucks Built Nick Sinioris is your new best friend. Chances are you’ve never met him before, and you might never […]

'14 Silverado Bodydropped | The Other Girlfriend

Sometimes the Grass is Greener on the Other Side There’s an Internet meme that’s been going around called Distracted Boyfriend. In it an attractive girl […]

First-Timer: Breaking the Mold Right out of the Gate

For a lot of builders, their first project is one they want to forget. Maybe it was a mini-truck that was hacked up with Autozone-special […]