Celebrating the Women Who help shape the Automotive Industry

The Women Who Help Shape Our Industry

This issue is near and dear to me. After first meeting Bailey Mckeska and her dad, I knew that they absolutely MEANT WHAT THEY SAID! Then only 16 (now 17 years old), Bailey shook my hand and promised that she would build a truck worthy of an appearance at SEMA. Well, clearly Bailey did just that—AND MUCH MORE! As you can see, she landed herself the cover spot here on our C10 BG cover and inspired this issue’s very special theme. 

Honoring the women in our automotive industry this month, we wanted to do something a bit different to show our appreciation. It’s no secret that the custom automotive aftermarket is a “man’s world,” and it’s true that ego and testosterone abound. Sure, this can be intimidating for some, but there is a core group of women who have conquered and grown this industry in ways unimaginable. Without their help and support pushing us ALL to do better, we would be worse off, without a doubt.

There are thousands of women out there in our industry showing us just how it’s done as many of them say “chicks can too!” Of course, we couldn’t feature them all, but we did our best to track down some of our favorites who have been influential to the custom classic truck scene in particular, and honor and highlight them here in this issue.

So if you see them out and about, be sure to thank them for all they do, and if you have a daughter like Bailey, be the dad (or mom) like Mike Mckeska by encouraging their passions to pursue a career in the automotive space. Who knows?  They could end up here on an upcoming COVER.

Keep on truckin’, and we’ll see you out there!


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