Electric C10: Ep.1 | AWD Twin Tesla Swapped 1985 Squarebody C10?!

This week we’re breaking down our newest SEMA build here at S2S. We’re putting not one, but TWO Tesla Model S drive units into a classic 1985 square body C10. We’re doing a full custom chassis and suspension to support this drivetrain, along with hooking up these Tesla motors and battery with control units from Zero EV over in the UK. This truck is looking to put down over 4000 Ft/Lbs of torque when turned all the way up to 10! The entire interior is getting an upgrade too, including a Haltech dash unit to monitor all of our vehicle metrics, as well as custom Status seats to keep us from flying out of this insanely fast street truck build. Is this square body blasphemy? Should we have listened to Donny and just LS swapped this truck? Let us know in the comments! And make sure to subscribe, because we’re dropping build episodes weekly!


Salvage to Savage Gear: https://www.salvagetosavage.com/shop/

Get more info on Zero EV: https://zero-ev.co.uk

Need a wide body kit? Check out Fortune Flares: https://fortuneflares.com

Haltech Performance Parts: https://www.haltech.com

Status Racing Seats: https://statusracing.com

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