How to Apply Herculiner DIY Roll On Bed Liner on my 2018 Ford F150

I bought my 2018 Ford F150 used, and the previous owner had not used any protection on the bed. It had scratches and dings from use. I knew that I wanted to protect the bed for the long haul, and apply a bed liner myself, so I started researching DIY bedliners, and decided on the Herculiner DIY roll on bed liner for my F150. The Herculiner truck bed coating kit is meant to cover a standard truck bed with two coats. I purchased an additional quart of the bedliner liquid to ensure thicker coverage on the areas of the bed that get the most use.

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0:00 Intro

1:21 Day One – Prep and Roll On Herculiner Bed Liner

7:18 Day Two – Initial Thoughts

8:02 Day Three – Prep and Roll On Bed Sides

13:36 Day Four – Final Thoughts

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