Jennifer Fedor’s Impact at Apex Leather

Apex Auto Leather’s Leading Lady

For this special issue we wanted to highlight some of the automotive industry’s leading ladies. We met Jennifer Fedor at SEMA, and it was clear that she is a standout leader due to her pushing for us all to be and do our best!

Three years at the helm of Apex Leather and Jennifer Fedor (Jen for short) is on a tear. She carries two phones, manages all operations, including the Instagram account and directly oversees every Apex order.

“It’s all about attention to the details, especially customer service,” Jen says. “I am lucky to be a part of an Apex team that is passionate about what they do.”

Jen is the best in the industry, period.  She really knows her stuff and is a real problem solver. Jen takes care of our shop like it’s her own. 

Meeting Jen is the same as knowing her. Her enthusiasm is immediately contagious, and she is guaranteed to chat you up about the positive things that are happening in our industry. For Jen, it all comes down to one thing—genuine relationships.

“It’s easy to get excited when you feel a part of something. I love connecting with our clients and helping them in any way I can,” she adds. “We were honored to have a small role in Bailey McKeska’s recent C10 reveal at SEMA, and that is the stuff that motivates me.”

This commitment has not gone unnoticed.  Jen is a regular on the show circuit, meeting with folks (customers or not) and celebrating their success.

“Jen has an amazing capacity to connect with people from all walks of life, fostering collaborations and partnerships that have greatly benefited our industry,” says Bryan Schmitt, owner of Mobile Solutions Fabrications and founder of Master Tech Expo.

Raised in rural Ohio, Jen knows a few things about family and community.  Her dad was a local butcher and there was always work to do in the shop.  She even married her high school sweetheart.  Eventually finding her way to North Carolina, Jen spent time working with kids as an elementary school teacher including three of her own, before eventually joining Apex Leather. Why Apex Leather? According to Jen, it was an easy decision.

“Apex is a real family business that always puts its customers first,” she says. “In fact, my daughter even works here. We always try to always do things the right way.”

Tracy Weaver from the famed Recovery Room agrees.

“Jen is the best in the industry, period,” Tracy says. “She really knows her stuff and is a real problem solver. Jen takes care of our shop like it’s her own.”

Apex Leather does appear to be doing things the right way.  You will be hard pressed to miss the many collaborations and exceptional builds that they are frequently involved in. So, with the ascent of Apex Leather under her leadership, what’s next on the horizon for this small-but-mighty industry mover?

“I love my job because there is never a dull moment,” Jen states. “We are constantly getting feedback from our clients, and that drives us to innovate and be better—there’s so much more ahead!”

This is exciting news considering what Jen and Apex have already accomplished. Perhaps Bryan Schmitt sums her success up best:

“Jen has become an integral part of our industry and her impact has been nothing short of remarkable.”


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