PICK YOUR PART | New Truck Parts from the MPMC Media Trade Conference

New Truck Parts from the MPMC Media Trade Conference

WSEMA’S MOTORSPORTS PARTS MANUFACTURERS COUNCIL (MPMC) DEVISED THE ANNUAL MEDIA TRADE CONFERENCE TO ATTRACT PRINT, ONLINE AND BROADCAST MEDIA. The SEMA Show dwarfs the MTC in terms of coverage, but the conference is actually where many editors and marketers gather information to share with core enthusiasts. New products are revealed, editorial coverage is confirmed, and project vehicles and technical articles come to fruition.

This year’s MPMC Media Trade Conference gave 100 manufacturers a platform to show most of their newest products in as many as 42 HALF-HOUR sessions. Here are 20 of the truck parts that caught our attention.


For the ’17-18 Gen 2 Raptor, Anderson Composites has carbon fiber front fenders with a 5-inch fl are molded to a Raptor fender with 2-inch clearance and removable side vents. The rear fl ares extend 2 inches from the bed and mount to the factory locations using OE hardware. Both the fenders and rear flares are made of high quality 3k, 2×2 carbon fi ber twill with UV-inhibiting high-grade marine resin for a high-luster finish and show quality looks. ONLINE: https://andersoncomposites.com


Releasing a Pro+ front brake package for the ’71-77 Chevy K-5 Blazer, Baer Brake Systems has expanded its 4WD o erings. The system features a six-piston radial mount caliper with a 13-inch two-piece directional rotor that bolts directly to the factory spindle with no modifications, and many 17-inch and larger aftermarket wheels will fit. Available in red, black, silver or custom colors, the rotors come standard in a slotted, drilled, zinc-plated finish. ONLINE: http://baer.com


Who wouldn’t want a healthy increase to 340 RWHP and 303 ft-lbs of torque out of a mid-size truck? Edelbrock unveiled a new E-Force Supercharger for the ’17 Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon pickup with the Gen 2 LGZ 3.6L V-6. The E-Force supercharger fits under hood without any modifications, uses the 1740 Eaton rotor package (same as in the Z06) and is emissions-legal in all 50 states. ONLINE: www.edelbrock.com

XTC 100% Synthetic 0W-20 from Bardahl is a high-performance light truck engine oil formulated to meet the demands of small displacement high RPM fuel efficient engines found in today’s light duty pickups and SUVs. A blend of synthetic premium base oils and special additives that protect against high temperature oxidation, wear and viscosity breakdown, it keeps engines exceptionally clean. ONLINE: www.bardahl.com

When the ’19 Silverado 1500 was introduced, it received mixed reviews for its outward appearance. T-REX Grilles took on the challenge to engineer 11 di erent grilles to complement it. The Stealth X-Metal Grille is 304 stainless/carbon steel construction, with a 12-gauge frame, formed wire mesh and exclusive X-Metal studs. Easy to install, it comes with a three-year finish warranty. ONLINE: https://trexbillet.com
COMP Cams has added a CARB E.O.-certified camshaft for ’07-15 GM LS3 engines to their FSL Series Cams. The first performance aftermarket camshaft series to pass the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (E.O.) process in 20 years was launched last year. Drop-in convenience, no valve spring change or computer tuning required, it provides a 32 RWHP improvement without risking emissions non-compliance. ONLINE: www.compcams.com
Fury Offroad Tires introduced its all-new Country Hunter R/T tires with variable sipes for traction on wet and snowy roads. Open shoulder blocks with stone and mud ejectors enhance the R/T’s grip in mud, sand or snow conditions, and improves onand off-road traction. Country Hunter R/Ts are available in 17-, 18-, 20- and 22-inch sizes, with many more sizes in the R/T and Fury’s M/T on the way. ONLINE: www.furytires.com
Exclusive to the 2019 GMC Sierra, KICKER Audio has the newest addition to GMC’s six-way MultiPro tailgate. Kicker’s 100-watt exterior audio system includes a pair of 4-inch weatherproof coaxial speakers, compact amp, USB port, a 3.5-mm audio jack and Bluetooth compatibility. The low current draw system runs independent from the interior audio system to bring the music outside for hours. ONLINE: www.kicker.com
ProCharger’s new intercooler for ’17-18 Raptors is 99% larger than the OEM unit, and is engineered for cooler air temperature and better performance in extreme conditions where you can unleash the truck’s true potential. ProCharger’s air-to-air intercoolers are well known for supplying low charge air temps and minimal pressure drops, which result in denser air and better overall performance. ONLINE: www.procharger.com
Need a BIG lift? McGaughys 10-inch Lift Kit for ’11-19 GM 2500-3500 4WD/2WD, gas and diesel trucks includes spindles, leaf spring packs, lift blocks with U-bolts, front and rear crossmembers, front drive line, skid plate, sway bar end links, compression struts, lower A-frame support rods, torsion bar drops, diff drop, CV axle spacer, bump stops, brake cable extender, front and rear shocks, and more. ONLINE: http://mcgaughys.com
With a 30-inch ZROADZ LED light bar incorporated, studded 12-gauge perimeter frame and formed wire mesh insert, the Torch-AL main replacement grille from T-Rex gives the ’17-19 Ford Super Duty a whole new, aggressive and stylish look. Made in the USA, it includes a front camera provision, two-stage black powdercoat, a lifetime structural warranty and a three-year finish warranty. ONLINE: https://trexbillet.com
Speaking of restyling, Belltech now offers a Lowering Kit for ’16½-18 GM 1500 trucks, that will help you lower all 2WD Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra trucks in any cab configuration the right way the first time. Belltech’s kit includes all the parts and pieces you need to get the look, alignment, performance and safety you’re after, and this all-in-one solution includes its Street Performance shocks along with complete installation instructions. ONLINE: www.belltech.com
Hypertech has created REACT, which the company describes as the safest, most reliable and enjoyable throttle optimizer in existence. With over 30 years of excellence, REACT is the best engineered throttle controller available, designed and built to exceed all expectations. REACT returns the feeling of instantaneous throttle response found in older vehicles without an electronic accelerator with five user-adjustable modes, with a level of sophistication second to none. ONLINE: www.hypertech-inc.com
PerTronix’s Bundle003 ignition kit provides maximum performance at an enthusiast friendly price point. The kit includes a Chevy SB/BB billet plug-and-play Ignitor 3 I3 distributor, Flame-Thrower III coil, and MAGx2 spark plug wires with 90-degree plug boot ends. Install the distributor, connect two wires and turn the crank. The I3 provides multiple sparks, memory safe function, adaptive dwell, auto-adjusting spark timing, and reverse polarity and over-current protection. ONLINE: https://pertronix.com
Rolling out the latest Momentum XP intake system for ’15-18 Ford F-150 pickups from aFe Power, the kit adds 20hp and 18 ft-lbs of torque, outflowing the factory intake by 41%. Brushed aluminum intake tubes aid its appearance, while a reusable Pro DRY S oil-free air filter delivers maximum performance and the convenience of being able to wash it off and reinstall the filter in minutes. ONLINE: https://afepower.com
The 830 MB, a recent design from Center Line, comes in gloss black with a machined spoke face. Available only in 20×12 inches, the wheel is offered in five-, six- and eight-lug fitments. Part of the company’s Lifted Truck Collection, an all gloss black and a chrome plated version are also obtainable. For over 40 years, the Center Line brand has stood for uncompromising performance, strength and durability with an unmistakable look. ONLINE: www.centerlinewheels.com
The most comfortable and easiest-to-tighten Cam-Lock restraints Impact Racing has produced features integral adjusters at the Cam-Lock end, solving adjuster placement and ease of tightening issues. Constructed of high strength polyester webbing for strength and longevity, Impact integral-adjuster 2×2-inch restraints are available in five-, six- and seven-point configurations, with two mounting options, and are SFI certified to 16.5 specifications. ONLINE: www.impactraceproducts.com
The Xcelerator from JET Performance Products is an easy-to-install device that modifies the signal to your electronic throttle for much quicker throttle response and no throttle lag. With multiple settings, you can adjust the response to suit your driving style. There’s also a valet setting that restricts response, and a security mode to remove the signal altogether. No more slow reaction; w when you hit the pedal, your vehicle responds. ONLINE: https://jetchip.com
While SOTA Off -Road’s Novakane wheel is one of its most popular designs, what is new is the DuoTone finish. Just released, the finish offers a sharp contrast between a fully machined center with a black rim lip. Aside from all the other characteristics that make SOTA Off-Road’s precision crafted wheels ideal for lifted trucks, the DuoTone adds another option to an already sought-after wheel. ONLINE: www.sotaoffroad.com
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