Pink Power! Sarah Boim’s Inspirational C10 in the City Truck

Sarah Boim’s C10s in the City Truck

The only thing hotter than an Atlanta summer is the car scene, and possibly one of the fastest growing downtown shows—C10s in the City. Chances are you’ve seen the coverage right here in these very pages, but how much do you know about the team behind it?

Sarah Boim and her partner Rick Cheesemen (@sqrbdy_c10) love all kinds of rides, but they have a deep passion for all things GM. Living in Georgia and hitting all the local shows give them the fix of catching rides from all over. But not all of the trucks they’ve seen in the city were meeting up at the same spots, so in July 2021 they started the first C10s in the City in East Atlanta with 60 trucks registered. Last year’s 2023 show had over 500 trucks registered, with the spotlight shining on Sarah’s own SQRBDYC10 pink truck posted up at the Auto Metal Direct booth.

First owned by Phil Cato, Sarah set out to start her own Squarebody project, saying she now truly understands what it’s like to have “an experience everyone else has had just working for years on something.” For two years she and her crew worked on this ’86, completing it two days before its debut at her show. Mike Howe of Howe’s It Doin Garage did the 5/7 drop with a McGaughys lowering kit, along with install of Auto Metal Direct products supplied by Eddy Cebreco, Jason Chandler, and Zach Huckleberry. The truck also features 20×8 and 20×11 Detroit Steel Wheel Delrays that have been powdercoated by Custom Coaters of Atlanta, and then ceramic-coated by Hook’s Detailing to give them that chrome look. Dig the custom painted SQRBDY logo on the caps too.

What impacted me the most is her attitude. She has no quit. Naturally she’s a fighter, not just for herself but for everyone…  

Of course buying the truck from Cato also means you have to throw one of his bench seats in there. Cato’s former apprentice runs Atlanta Stitchworks and he did the inserts with the same leather from the seat. Familiar faces Wes and Jeremy from the United by Trucks channel were in on it too. You know who your real friends are when it comes down to the crunch!

Sarah is a breast cancer survivor. She incorporated the pink ribbon on her truck, and all of the proceeds from the raffle at her show go directly toward the Pink Fund. In her experience, most aid goes directly to medical expenses, and when most of your time is spent focusing on your health, finances like gas, groceries, and household bills are still left to be paid. The Pink Fund alleviates that stress, with financial aid that helps with the “other part of the fight.”

After the show I had the pleasure of exploring the art district in Decatur with Sarah and Rick. We hit the iconic Outkast Mural, captured rolling shots in front of the Majestic Diner, and got a contact buzz behind The Junkman’s Daughter. Brembo the poodle sat shotgun while we worked our magic. One of my personal favorite photography techniques is light painting. A little front and rear 3/4 action went down next to a dark and creepy abandoned house that has since been demolished for reasons unknown to us. We won’t forget trying to wash away the strange moaning sounds with IPAs after the shoot.

This truck embodies the missions that C10s in the City stands for—building communities through our industry, celebrating everyone who makes up those communities, and supporting everyone involved. After hanging out with Sarah, I can say she’s one of the most driven people I’ve ever met, with a fierce passion for helping those in need. She recognizes the cracks where people fall through and is working on bridging those gaps to create a better future for her communities.

Be bold, set goals, engage in your communities, and remember that you can be fearless for yourself and others. It’s that mindset that created our industry, and also preserves it.   

What impacted me the most is her attitude. She has no quit. Naturally she’s a fighter, not just for herself but for everyone, and I hope she feels that sense of pride every time she takes her truck out. The builds that stand out the most to me are the ones that have a story, and the narrative for this one reads to me as fearless.

When we sat down for dinner, I told Sarah that her mom told me she was really proud of her for how she presented herself during our interview. Sarah laughed and said, “Well when you go through something like cancer, nothing really scares you anymore.”

Be bold, set goals, engage in your communities, and remember that you can be fearless for yourself and others. It’s that mindset that created our industry, and also preserves it.



  • Sarah Boim
  • Decatur, GA
  • 1986 Chevy C10 Squarebody


  • Auto Metal Direct front grille, emblems, bezels, all replacement grille parts
  • Auto Metal Direct front and rear bumpers and all brackets
  • Auto Metal Direct 4×6 Gen2 (with bulb cover and reflective background ) small square headlight conversion kit with 10,000 LM H4 LED bulbs and harness adapters
  • Vastine’s Garage pinstripe kit
  • Custom billet emblems from Glazier Billet Works
  • Window tint by Performance Window Tinting, Carrollton, GA
  • Powdercoated moldings and tailgate band by Custom Coaters ATL, Marietta, GA
  • Paint correction and ceramic coating for the whole truck by Hook’s Detailing
  • C10s in the City front plate metal art by NuJay Fabrications, Warner Robins, GA


  • Auto Metal Direct door sill plates, power door lock switches, window switches, rear pillar covers, dash/instrument bezel with AC, dashpad and mounting clips, door panel trim set, and hardware
  • Atlanta Stitchworks custom door inserts
  • Cato Custom Upholstery custom seat and wrapped interior pieces
  • Lowering parts installed by Howe’s It Doin Garage, Dallas, GA
  • McGaughys 5″/7″ Lowering Kit
  • Moser Axles 1981-’88 GM Truck (2WD) spline 28 cut 2-3/4” on each side

Wheels and Tires

  • Detroit Steel Wheel Delray 20×8, 5×5.5 lug pattern, 4.5 backspace
  • Detroit Steel Wheel Delray, 20×11, 5×5 lug pattern, 3.25 backspace
  • Detroit Steel Wheel baby moon center caps
  • Custom Coaters of Atlanta powdercoated wheels, molding, and tailgate band
  • Painted SQRBDY logo on hubcaps
  • Ceramic coating of wheels by Hook’s Detailing
  • Continental 255/35/20 and 315/35/20 tires


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