We Install ’55-’59 C10 Filler Panels from Slosh Tubz

Installing ’55-’59 C10 Filler Panels from Slosh Tubz

Truck owners who are knee-deep in an extensive build will no doubt find these firewall filler panels a must-have. Slosh Tubz has panel kits available for a multitude of classic Chevy truck models, including first-gen C10, which worked out great for Auto Metal Direct (AMD’s) Project Burnadebt—a ’59 Chevy Apache that was in need of a whole lot of loving. 

We have already covered a number of tech projects featuring Project Burnadebt, which has come a long way from its original condition. This time around, the engine bay got some attention while the cab was separated from the frame. The original-condition firewall may be good enough to run as-is for projects that aren’t frame-off affairs, but filling the unnecessary holes and cleaning up its general unsightliness is an absolute necessity for a show-worthy truck.

Luckily, Slosh Tubz made the process of smoothing out and polishing the ’59’s factory firewall as simple and straightforward as possible. The company’s two-piece kit includes two bead-rolled sheetmetal panels that have been shaped perfectly to fit over the existing firewall; some welding and light bodywork is required to blend it in seamlessly. Extensive experience with a welder isn’t necessary, but previous experience with one, as well as a grinder, will help get the job done.

Those who are still brushing up on their skills can still make it happen, especially with a little help from the steps below. They were rolled out from start to finish thanks to the talented guys at Oliver Speed & Chassis in Cumming, Georgia.

The firewall filler panel kit from Slosh Tubz rids the firewall of all unnecessary holes and contours and will make for a much more memorable first impression when the hood is lifted.

Since these particular filler panels are overlays that go over the existing OE firewall, Devin started on the driver side by first shaving the surface clean of this imbedded port.

Devin removed the port and took down the hole to bare metal. He also shaved the other holes with protruding lips that would soon be covered by the Slosh Tube filler panels.
Next, Devin placed the filler panel over the area where it would be permanently welded to get an idea where he would have to trim it. He traced a line along the bottom and the side where it could be cleaned up to fit more precisely.

To safely and accurately make the cut along the lines, the panel was securely clamped to a table at each side. After making sure the panel wouldn’t shift when allowing pressure, Devin used a sheetmetal air shear to trim around the panel with ease.
Once the panel was completely trimmed, Devin gave it a good once over with a scouring pad to promote better weld adhesion once it was time.

To further prepare the stock firewall for installation of the filler panel, Devin then used a grind wheel to take the area down to bare metal where he planned to make his welds.
To clean off the dust from the grinding and leftover grease from the firewall, Devin rubbed it down with acetone to fully prep it before welding the filler panel into position.

Next, Devin began to spot-prime some of the bare metal areas to protect them from rust before this surface would be covered up for good.
The Slosh Tubz firewall filler panel for the driver side was held in place and secured with a handful of self-tapping sheetmetal screws, which will be removed and filled.
Next, Devin slowly began moving around the panel, spot welding it on all sides.

Once the tack welds and the surrounding areas of metal cooled down, Devin then started the process of fully welding in the panel.
After the panel was welded all the way around, the sheetmetal screws were removed and the holes were filled in with spot welds. They will later be ground down and covered up like they were never even there.
Here’s a closer look at the completed passenger-side firewall filler panel installed and fully prepped for primer/paint.
The entire firewall surface was then completely covered with primer to seal the deal on the install job. The engine bay will look so much smoother without having to look at the eyesore of the old firewall anymore. Once project Burnadebt comes together, the work on the firewall will play a huge part in its overall cleanliness. Stay tuned for the next installment.


Auto Metal Direct

Slosh Tubz

Oliver Speed & Chassis


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